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July 11, 2024 / Blog

What’s Hoppening at Splash 2024: Day 1 of the Candy Land-Themed Early Education Conference

Hey there, Splash 2024 enthusiasts! 

Welcome back to our “What’s Hoppening at Splash” series, where we dive into all the fun and excitement awaiting you at this year’s Candyland-themed Splash conference. If you thought Part 1 was a sweet treat, just wait until you hear what Day 1 has in store for you. So, grab your lily pads and let’s jump right in!

Thursday, July 11th: A Candy-Coated Start 

The excitement began early with registration opening at 7 am. Picture this: the sun shining, the air buzzing with anticipation, and you’re greeted by friendly faces ready to kick off an incredible day. The registration area was decked out in vibrant Candy Land decor, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The morning session featured Pre-Conference Curriculum Training, where attendees dove into innovative strategies and practical tips to elevate their curriculum knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the Frog Street family, this session was a must-attend! Plus, it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow educators and share insights.

Simultaneously, there was the Pre-Conference Leadership Symposium for Child Care Center Owners. This add-on session offered a deeper dive into leadership strategies tailored for those managing childcare centers.

Get Crafty with Make and Take 

After lunch (with plenty of sweet treats!), attendees headed over to the Pre-Conference Make & Take Sessions. The room was filled with colorful supplies, creativity flowing like a river, and educators crafting hands-on materials to bring back to their classrooms. Not only did participants create something useful, but they also exchanged ideas and techniques with peers. It was a win-win!

Opening Sessions: A Grand Kickoff 

As the evening approached, the excitement ramped up with the Opening Session at 6:00 PM. The highlight here was the keynote address, presented by John Jacobson, “Carefully Taught,” designed to inspire and energize attendees for the days ahead. Powerful speakers, engaging presentations, and a whole lot of enthusiasm were on display. Everyone left this session feeling pumped and ready to make a splash in their own educational journey!

Behind the Scenes: Meet Fanny and Fernando Frog 

One of the most delightful moments was catching a glimpse of Fanny and Fernando Frog as they prepared to greet attendees. We managed to snag a few candid moments with them, and they were just as charming off-stage as they are on! From last-minute costume adjustments to practicing their frog-tastic dance moves, these two are dedicated to bringing joy to everyone they meet.

Strike a Pose: Photo Opportunities 

Don’t forget to capture the memories! Throughout the day, there were numerous photo opportunities. Attendees snapped selfies with Fanny and Fernando, posed with new friends from the Make and Take session, or simply captured the vibrant atmosphere of the conference. These photos will be perfect for reminiscing about the amazing time at Splash 2024. Don’t forget to share these pics and tag #frogstreet!

Sweet Endings: Welcome Reception and Ice Cream Social 

The day capped off with a Welcome Reception and Exhibition Grand Opening & Ice Cream Social at 7:30 PM. Attendees mingled, explored the exhibits, and enjoyed delicious ice cream treats. It was the perfect way to unwind and gear up for the days ahead!

Let’s Get Hoppin’! 

Day 1 was just the beginning, and it’s already shaping up to be an incredible adventure. From enriching training sessions to unforgettable moments with Fanny and Fernando Frog, there’s so much to look forward to tomorrow! Stay tuned for Part 3 of our “What’s Happening” series, where we’ll dive into the events of Day 2. Until then, keep the excitement flowing and get ready for more Splash-tastic fun!