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March 17, 2022 / Blog

Social Emotional Learning Strategies in Pre-K

Teachers have been thrown a major curveball when it comes to optimizing learning while navigating a global pandemic. The stress this has created not only affects educators but children as well. Now, more than ever, social emotional learning strategies are critical for academic and lifelong success.

Pre-K programs should incorporate social emotional learning strategies that promote self-regulation and connection. This creates an environment which facilitates long-term learning. In addition, healthy habits are instilled that children take with them for a lifetime.

The benefits of self-regulation

Practicing healthy social emotional strategies is beneficial for all ages, both adults and children. The strategies listed below are practical and can be implemented anywhere at any time to help manage emotions and connect with others – in the classroom and at home.

An environment that encourages healthy social emotional development will optimize learning for children. If a child doesn’t feel emotionally safe, long-term learning cannot take place. Click here to learn more about pre-K environments.

Create an effective “School Family”

Make time to unite as a classroom early in the morning to set the tone for the day. This fosters a loving, safe learning environment where everyone knows they are a valuable member of their school family.

Collaborating with peers forms a connection for children and helps enhance their self-esteem and sense of belonging. Building relationships helps build trust, a sense of safety, love and inclusion – all vital for optimal learning.

Create positive connections by having everyone come together to do the same thing at the same time. Singing a song is an effective way to unite as a school family.

Unite, Calm and Connect with social emotional learning strategies

Children should learn calming strategies to diffuse the adrenaline and cortisol that interrupts the learning process. Teachers can model and practice deep breathing strategies daily to help children manage their emotions and teach self-regulation.

Frog Street Pre-K curriculum includes a social-emotional program through their partnership with Conscious Discipline® to promote strategies such as Uniting, Calming and Connecting.

Be intentional about scheduling specific times throughout the day to practice calming strategies and opportunities to connect with your children. While morning is an effective time to set the tone for the day, these strategies are beneficial throughout the entire day. Consistency is key – children thrive on routines and repetition. To learn more consider our 8 strategies to optimize learning ebook.

Model. Practice. Repeat.

Social emotional development is key to lifelong learning success. By incorporating social emotional learning strategies in the classroom environment, we provide a solid foundation to build skills and knowledge. These tools are beneficial for adults and children in the classroom and at home.

Put practice into action outside of the classroom. Challenge children to teach some calming strategies to their families! They can model your behavior and teach their family members by saying, “When you are upset, you can take three slow, deep breaths to calm yourself. Keep practicing… it works!”

Model. Practice. Repeat. Repeat again!

To learn more about how social emotional learning strategies are integrated into the Frog Street curriculum, contact us today.